What would you do if you didn't recognize the girl you are dating?

What would you do if you didn't recognize the girl you are dating?

You and this awesome young lady have been dating for a while/
She sleeps over your home.
She washes off her make up in the bathroom and comes out of the bathroom ready for bed.

How do you react?

Do you continue dating her?

A question for Girls: How much make up do you wear? Do you find you are way more attractive with it on than without?
Be honest!
After all, that's why the most of us wear it.

@lljwedo And like the child she is, she gives her 2 cents and then blocks me like a toddler. All I have to say is, Celebs don't look in their natural form. Neither do some of the women you see in every day life. Your argument remains invalid honey. You just have pure cockiness and useless pride.


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  • If I were a guy, I would be pissed off. That is so fucking creepy and deceitful.
    Anyway, I wear make-up maybe 5 days a year. Even then it's only concealer under my eyes. Putting on more than that makes me feel weird, like I can't touch my face.


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  • Ok as a professional photographer I would say these images are not make up they are extremely heavily modified in Photoshop or Portrait Professional.

    Make can make a huge difference but not normally to the point you wouldn't recognise the Model unless they use use a stage style make up!

    Often women with bad acne etc are very self conscious and use make up to improve their appearance.

    If you love them you love them, you take the good with the bad and some make up in my opinion shouldn't make the difference between dating them or not.

    Does that mean you don't date girls with Push Up Bras?

    Sounds a little shallow

    • Besides the editing realistically there are women (I have seen it in the flesh) that look way differ when they contour their faces with make up. They look nothing like themselves. Would you date someone like that? Forget about the images.

      Even so, there are various images unphotoshopped online displaying this fact. Even videos on YouTube of people applying make up and looking completely different. We can't act oblivious to what exists

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    • My Question is are you dating the make up or are you dating the person?

      After your comments I have looked at several of these so called make up stories on the web and as I said its pretty clear to a professional the before and after in most if no all are Photoshopped to make it look far worse than is possible in reality. You need to have amazing skill for a cover up make over to look professional and to any extent believable in real life. I am sure that if you saw what is referred to in the industry as trowel work or cake work make up you probably would know it.

    • Like I said to the previous poster , you are way too focused on the photos I have provided and not looking at the issue on hand. The fact of the matter "as proven on YouTube videos" it is possible for people to contour their face with make up to the point where they are unrecognizable. I am not doubting these photos have been photo shopped as well, but like I said by focusing on the provided images you are going off topic of the point.
      The fact is within everyday life there are women who look nothing like the way they look with make up on vs. with it off. They even reach to extreme levels as the ones I have posted. Celebs are also a great example.
      Now again I ask u the same question without u asking it back to me, would u date someone with a face full of make up? Yes or no?

  • I'd stop seeing them.

  • Well third set pictures not the same girl unless she had jaw line altered before she put make on and the other to are close but i still different. Also if i dating some one i would ask photo of her with out make up at least or for take her make when we just hang out and I will take her swimming so that make up come off.


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  • I only wear lipstick, and even then it's rare that I do so. I think that I'm equally attractive wearing make up as without it, and the only reason I don't wear more make up is simply that I can't be bothered to put so much effort into something I don't really care about. But if I was dating a girl like that, then I doubt I'd really care whether she looked different without her make up on.

  • bahah.. im sorry but guys have it so hard these days. A friend of mine was dating a girl for 2 years and serious about her. One day on facebook he notices a friend of his girls tags her in a childhood photo of when she was a teen. Well, eventually he finds out she had her face done boobs and butt ( he knew about the boobs , I mean that obvious). Anyway, he ended up breaking up with her because who he thought he was with wasn't who she was. She created an entire knew face and persona and lied about herself. Some people say he shouldn't have cared , but others say she is a liear and obviously has issues mentally to have so much work done. I mean I can only imagin if he had kids with her and their kids come out ugly , how would he react? Id get mad if I was with a dude and his face and muscles where fake , im sorry your a liar in my opinion.

  • I don't wear make up, but if I wear, I waer just concealer (on my period, that's the only time I have acne) and lipstick even rearlier (occasions or goes with the outfit). Why to bother? It won't make my life better.
    If I were a guy and I would have dated one of the girls you showed, I wouldn't break up with her just because she doesn't look that good without make up.

  • Dont forget that the after pictures are heavily (if not extremly) photoshopped. At the last picture they photoshopped away the head from the original picture and added someone elses.

    • How can u tell?
      Even so, the given scenario is realistic.
      There's plenty of women who look way different with make up on versus without

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    • Whether that last photo is real or not holds no importance because the others real.
      The fact of the matter people alter their look in every day life through make up.
      So you telling me that (1) picture is a fraud means absolutely nothing in the given scenario.

    • When your asking a question about looks and are using heavily photoshopped pictures, it actually holds an importance. These given scenarios are not realistic. We are not only talking makeup here. We are talking huge amounts off photoshop.