Girls, I'm a guy who watches Grey's Anatomy?

Do you girls think it's kind of weird that I watch a show meant to females? Does it make girls think I'm gay? And no, I'm not insecure about me or my sexuality.. I just wanted to know what females think about it. Thanks!


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  • Well, it's cute to know that you don't mind watching shows directed to the female audience. It's actually pretty refreshing.


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  • I knew someone that watched the "Bad girls club".
    Although that was uncommon I knew he wasn't even close to gay.

    So yeah... sometimes we as humans do things that don't exactly fit into the "norm".
    So what!! lol!
    Be you!

    • So you do think it's kind of weird? Plus, this female friend of mine gave me an odd look when I said I'm hooked up with Greys Anatomy..

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    • Yeah.. It's quite a manly reason to watch the show. But then again I find the storyline to be very interesting as well. Oh well! I think I should keep it to myself that I watch GA or I should pick a more manly show to watch. and if someone's going to judge me based on a show I watch, sucks to be them lol

    • Lol yeah. It sucks to be that person. I think u should watch it if u like it, who cares what people think.
      People usually formulate their opinions based on observations but it isn't factual


    • That would be pretty cool actually lol

  • Pretty sure it's not marketed exclusively to women. What makes you say that? There are no car chases or explosions in it?

    • I didn't knew it either at first but some of my female friends pointed out that the shows target audience is mainly females.

      And I don't always appreciate car chases and explosions (who am I kidding, most of the time I do appreciate it. And there's quite a few car crashes and explosions in the show)

  • I wasn't aware it was for women lol. I know quite a few guys who watch it.

    • Haha.. I wasn't aware about it either. But some of my female friends said that their target audience is mainly females. And they were giving me the odd look when I said I watch it. Good to know that there are guys who watch it lol