Have you ever shopped @ Sammydress. com before?

they have a lot of good looking trendy cloths. but their prices sound too damn good to be true!

i mean get a load of this for example...


how is it possible that all those jeans can cost less than 20$?

anyways if you have bought anything from them in the past i was wondering if you can support me with your experience at shopping from them. are their cloth good? do they last long? do they pack any flaws like

- hidden stains

- loose threads

- shrinking after a wash

- and many other flaws


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  • I have, I've bought a jumper from there once before.

    Honestly, they aren't the best quality clothes. The jumper was thin and was see through in parts when it stretched, especially at the seams. I'd buy clothes from there if I wasn't planning on keeping them for longer then a year or so, but not if I wanted something nice to keep for longer then that.


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  • I've never heard of it, but it does sound too good tobe true haha
    The reviews are very positive, so maybe it's true. Look for other reviews online, maybe it'll answer your questions.


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