Why do you need to launder money if you never buy anything huge?

I don't know why im curious but i am.

Say you never ever use that money to buy a house/car/etc, and only use it for things ilke gorceries, gas, entertainment, etc etc.

like watching breaking bad again. Seems they don't intend to increase their lifestyle at the end, and if that's the case why launder the money? Just use the on the books income for certain things like bills, and then the drug money for food, groceries, etc

someone please explain to me why this isn't possible


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  • so basically if you want to have money you should always switch to extravagant? ..


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  • Because if you get arrested for something they will investigate your means of support. If the authorities can show you have been spending money you can't account for, even if it's for just a lot of small things they may be able to convince a jury you are living off illegal income.


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  • It's possible as long as you not investigated