Would you ever go into a partnership with a friend and open up a small buisness togther?

me and a friend from school are going to start a bar togther we are already doing all the planning togther and we are going to look at banks togther and look for a location togther and try and get all the fiancing done so would you ever start a buisness with a friend and go into partnership with them


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  • Yes, I think that might be an exciting experience actually. There's only one friend that I could see myself doing this with but with him I would do it (he's my best guy friend). However, I don't have any capital and without that, I'd never start my own business. It's way too dangerous in my opinion because you're so dependent on the banks... in fact, I don't even know if I would even get a loan from a bank without a decent amount of capital and considering I'm still a university student. I don't really know how this works for starting enterprises in my country, I only know that if you want to buy a house, you have to have at least 30% of the purchase price yourself. So for example if you want to buy a house that costs 600,000 dollars (which is the price for a medium sized house), you need at least 200,000 dollars in your own bank account. If you don't the bank won't even consider giving you a loan/mortgage.

  • if you have a ton of spare money then yes, otherwise no. If things go south and you have no money then you will lose more then the bar.