Girls some of you recommended this and some want me to go the traditional route?

Ok so i tried eharmony and believe it or not im unmatchable which means they can't match me with any girl if this is consistent with why im single how can i change this


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  • EHarmony is a small sample size of the greater population. People often sink back into this mode of, "nobody wants me, what's wrong with me?" There is nothing wrong with you. Have you tried Europe, South America, Asia... you haven't tried to date every woman out there yet, so how can you say, there isn't anyone out there for you. These websites are a bunch of algorithms which try to come up with matches, but just because they come up with a match doesn't mean its going to work because people are far more complicated then that otherwise every match would automatically work out. Don't give up on yourself is what I'm saying and don't let a bot convince you that you're doomed. You're better then that!

    • Seen my looks

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    • Well, so sad, too bad. Welcome to the real world where everyone experiences failure. There are a lot of people who have kissed a lot of frogs before they got to their prince or princess, but the key is, they didn't just give up. Basically one cannot win the lotto if one doesn't play. Your choice.

    • Look im not attractive enough i have strong points im smart, im loyal and hard working but im not stupid i know looks are part of the package


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  • The key to getting a good match is to have the same standards for others that you have for yourself or to have something to make up for having irregular standards. For example if you want a really good looking girl and you are an average looking guy - you have to be smarter or more hard working or nicer than the good looking girl. Its al about balance.

  • How do they match people?
    Is it like Tinder or by similar interests?

    • They have you go through and answer questions and it determines your personality type

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    • No its like i created a profile answered questions and it says sorry we are not able to match you with anyone

    • Well then just message people.
      See what happens.

  • I'm sorry "unmatchable" made me lol a little. Eharmony sucks try Pof

    • Already tried it and i really am unmatchable

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    • So first sign was i was getting ready to clock in one day and she walks in and asks if i live near campus i say yes she says she can give me rides

      Second sign was a couple days ago i walked in mh manager another associate and her was on break im not paying attention just messing with my phone she says hey i didn't know she's talking to me so she stands up in front of me and says hey from there we talk about sports, music what she likes on Netflix

    • Yeah she digs you