Which (2014) Hercules movie is better?

Watching both tonight, but I'll like to watch the worst one first. Which do you guys think is better, Hercules with The Rock or Hercules with Kellan Lutz?

  • The legend of Hercules (kellan lutz)
    25% (1)50% (1)33% (2)Vote
  • Hercules (the rock)
    75% (3)50% (1)67% (4)Vote
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  • You know which one is better.
    Hint: cough twilight sucks cough

    • Lmao.. Yeah honestly I couldn't see kellan as Hercules either, his acting sucks.

    • The guy can't act for shit even if he's life depends on it.
      He sucked in twilight, even though practically did nothing.
      That's how bad he is.

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