80s music poll: Favorite album by Whitesnake?

One of da most overrated bands imo……I hardly remember any songs of ‘em despite da fact I’ve listened to all of their albums just to see y so many people like ‘em…. but they were “ughhhh”. Only song I remember’s da overplayed “Is It Love?”….. but still…no-no

  • Ready an' Willing
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  • Come an' Get It
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  • Saints & Sinners
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  • Slide It In
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  • Whitesnake
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  • Slip of the Tongue
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  • I don't know enough about them to pick an album but what stood Whitesnake apart was that they were the first rock band to understand the power of the video - Usually rock videos were cropped together live footage of the band - Whitesnake went what would happen if we got a gorgeous actress (Tawny Kitaen) to roll around on a car and then the reason that Whitesnake are most well known the "Here I Go Again" video is born

    • nice video... but i cannot say da same thing for da song :p

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    • i see... i didn't xist in 1982 so i dunno... but yeah of course options were limited unlike today... anyway when time-machines would be available in 2036 i'll give it a try and go back to 1982 and see if it was easy or not :|

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I dont know who them dudes is...

    • u don't lose anything... trust me