Psn ideas for a girl?

Want a new psn id for Cod.
I play hardcore SND snipers only
I need some ideas please and thank you :) (nothing too girly)

Looking for a girl PSN ID?
I want something thats not too girly but gets the point across to people that i am a girl.. if that makes sense lol


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  • WhiteDeath, a nickname given to a REAL, Finnish, sniper who killed hundreds of Red Army soldiers during the Winter War in World War 2 era. (Using only iron sights on his sniper rifles by the way)

    • Not bad :)

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    • why did you capitalize real?

    • @ruskodisco I capitalized the word "real" because some people who are good at FPS games think they would own in real life and don't seem to appreciate true marksmanship.

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