What should I major in? please help?

. Architecture, graphic design, interior design, economics, accounting, marketing, business, WHAT MAJOR WORKS BEST IN USA?


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  • That's a broad list. Basically it looks like you have no idea what you want to do. There's nothing wrong with that. It's true of a lot of people. Plus, even people who think they know what they want don't know what the day-to-day job is like, availability of jobs, pay, etc.

    I would suggest doing much more research. Do general research on the job market, paying special attention to where you might want to live. "Works best in the USA" is too broad. The job markets vary a LOT in different states, and even different cities within the state. So it's best to research different locations as well as the actual jobs.

    You need to know yourself. What do you like doing? What is your aptitude and natural inclination? How important is the pay? As opposed to location, enjoying the work/co-workers, opportunities for growth, etc. Very often there is a tradeoff between pay and liking the job. Some people go for high pay and don't care what they do. Others (like me) place more importance on liking what they do. Are you a left or right brainer? Do you have artistic ability? Are you good at math? Are you mechanically inclined and have good spacial aptitude?

    While researching locations, also research cost of living. The cost of living can vary a lot. The difference in cost is mostly the cost of housing. The raw salary is meaningless without knowing the cost of living. Housing costs can vary more than 5X. A 30k job in one location might gain you a better standard of living than a 100K job in a different location.

    Having said all that, I think any of the fields you listed are OK. Most are not the highest paying, but you should be able to find a job and make a livable wage. Unfortunately I'm not real familiar with most of those, except by general knowledge.

    Architecture can pay well. However if you want to design houses, most architects design commercial buildings. Although some do design houses.

    Graphic design and interior design probably have the lowest pay. However both have good opportunities to work for yourself if that appeals to you.

    Economics is broad. That can lead into many areas including finance, management, accounting, business, etc. Economics, management and business also combine well with other fields as a dual major or grad degree.

    Accounting should be good for finding jobs. I think many people over estimate how much accountants make though. Some can make good money, but many don't.


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  • try something you are interested in


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  • You have to listen to your inner self for this kind of decisions
    Works best in Usa can be anything
    if you are caring about how big is your salary is gonna be while studying something you don't really like, after a while you will get bored and quit your job
    So i would suggest for you as a girl to do something creative instead office job and stuff.
    If you were good at drawing and creativity Go for Graphic design, Interior design or maybe architecture?
    In the end it's all depend on what you really love to do and i believe you gonna succeed in every society you get involved in, not only USA , if you chosen what you feel for mostly!

  • Im personally going for architecture but i would reccomend accounting, as it is very easy to find jobs as an accountant.

  • Majors only work if you're actually capable beyond academics, so pick what you think you've got an aptitude for.

    • i don't know anything about the states, I'm American though but i lived my whole life outside so I want to know what is best there. like where i live we have useless majors,

    • I think it's similar wherever you are, obviously some things like liberal arts are useless everywhere. lol

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  • Pick according to whatever career field you would like to pursue.

  • Something you like and something that you won't hate in the future.