I'm a democrat, and I just can't see myself voting for Hilary. Can you?

I'm not saying she's a horrible canidate, but with the democratic party backing her. I just don't know if I'll be able to vote democrat this next election. I grew up with a liberal family, and almost everyone in my family is a democrat, but we just can't seem to want to vote for Hilary... and I mean ever. The whole email mess is one thing, but her stances, her tone, and the way she dismisses issues she doesn't want to address. Has me really concerned for the democratic party this year. God forbid Donal Trump goes anywhere, but beyond Sanders or Biden. Is there even a possibility for a better Democratic Canidate?


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  • I can't see myself voting for her either. I'm really hoping for Sanders.

    • I'm thinking Sanders might be the better of the 2, but his thought process about socialism scares me a tad. He does make a lot of good points, but I think he needs to tone down the "Make everyone economically the same." kind of talk needs to end. Not that it isn't fair, but it's just not realistic. Otherwise, he would make a great candidate, and if he works on his campaign slogan a tad bit more. He might over throw Hilary for the lead.

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  • I say we allow Bill to run for a third term.


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  • Hillary clinton is a criminal and a murderer. The blood of the navy seals who died in bengazi is on her hands. Dont vote for her just because she's a woman. She will do anything she can take guns from law abiding citizens. She has said this numerous times. If she's electedthere will be an uprising against the goverment and ill be glad to fire the first shot

  • Funny, since I don't want Hillary as President either and will yet vote for her before Donald Trump - but they're both god-awful choices. I wouldn't vote for Biden either, but I'll take him over Hillary any election.

    • I hate to say it, but I might take Donald over Hilary. Which in my head, sounds absolutely insane! lol. However, she just has Nixon written all over her. Even though the media is going the extra mile to throw her under the bus. I've looked into a lot of the related issues that cause people to worry about her, and even I can't find any evidence that she's broken the law to the degree of going to jail. She has done from pretty incredibly shady things. Which is horrifically scary if another candidate doesn't take over.