What's Your Favorite Party Song?

And no, you don't have to be a partier to have a fave party song.

I just need something upbeat, fun and catchy.

So far i have "the WOP", "Dynamite (Taio Cruz), "Keep It Moving" (Keke Palmer) ... that's it for those. I need more Lol. Think u all can help me?


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  • When I was a freshmen in high school my best friend stole his fathers car he brought his boyfriend and sister along and then we partied the whole night.m.youtube.com/.../watch?v=wsYijz2E4jQ

    • O. O I'm scared to look at this one in that case Lol

    • Your telling me. I was a good boy and never did that kindve stuff. We almost got ran over by a moving train. We almost got shot by a shot gun and a mutual friend almost od on exstacy. Crazy night but we ended up smoking weed in a piece circle like that 70's show.


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