Does It Annoy You When People Ask For Contact Pictures Of You For Their Phone?

I talk to a lot of women... and whne I get their number and text them... they almost always ask me for a contact pic for their phone. I hate when they ask me that. I dunno... I just feel uneasy sending pictures to people online... even though I am fully clothed in all my pictures XD.

Furthermore... I hate when women ask me for a contact pic right off the bat... because women are so fuckin' finicky. You can go back and forth texting/calling a women for a week or two and then they will stop replying to you... so I feel having a contact pic right away is pointless in that regard.

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  • Guys do all that too. I think it's common - especially with online dating being popular to help keep people you've just recently met straight. The same goes with the end in texts/phone calls - they clicked with someone else more, I guess. I'd never pull a fade, personally. But after it took me an hour to "break up" with a guy I went on two dates with, I can see where some people have a bad experience and go that way. :|


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  • I'm just like you.

    I only feel comfortable when I thoroughly know the person.

    Barely knowing someone and them asking me for photos makes me feel slightly annoyed.
    But that's the generation we live in, a photo is always a click away so people always think they can ask.

  • I'm really bad with names but I remember faces better. Unless I have a picture of you from the get go, I'm unlikely to remember who you are.

  • I survived many years memorizing people's names without their picture next to it

    So I don't get the point either

    Like you, I'm uncomfortable giving a contact pic to someone I don't know.

  • It makes me curious as to why they need the photo. I assume it's to show other people because I'm pretty sure they already know what I look like and also a tad paranoid

  • I can relate to what you are saying. I tend to misstrust people who start asking for pics or even personal info. I'd never ask anyone to send a pic or ask personal details, because if someone wants to send you one or share info , then they 'll offer to do it themselves.

    Just don't do anything you don't want o do, especially online!


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