Have you ever felt worthless?

Is it normal to feel worthless? I always do!! It's like when I need help from someone else I can't ever get it. I absolutely hate how I get treated by others!! I am tired of it!! I am so sick if my mom and sisters and this shitty ass neighborhood we live in! She thinks its oay for people to gamble in our back yard!!
Then she tells me I shouldn't be so rude!!
Like wtf!! I'm on the verge of fucking exploding!! I hate it how she acts like a fucking hoe!!
She just thinks this is okay.
When I need her se doesn't want to help me! Like she isn't helping me get what I need for college! Like I hate this!! Why am I so fucking worthless?


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  • I can relate to you, and I feel worthless more often than not, I'm very familiar with the feeling.


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  • Think about this for 3 minutes: You are allowing her to determine your self worth.


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  • I feel worthless all the time but I think we feel it in different ways... I don't have reasons as to why I feel that way, I just do