How do you laugh?

I sound like a pig squealing, it sucks xD What about you now?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm not really sure how I sound to others I tend to chuckle more though then actually laugh.

    • I sometimes just breathe laugh, like I smile and breathe harder out of my nostrils xD people think it's rude since i didn't make any sound

Most Helpful Girl

  • i sound like a 3 year old giggling, and then it becomes more like haaaa haaaaaaa and then my inner stripper laugh starts to become not so "inner" i try to hold it back and i sound like im having a heart attack then this weird screaming... then it escalates into a retarded seal clapping

    all that while bending forward and getting back up and if i reach late stages of the laugh im usually in tears too :3


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