Girls, Is it hard to control your boyfriend sexually?

My boyfriend has been wanting me to control him sexually and treat him like he is weaker than me. He is twice my size, and twice my weight, so I don't know how that would be possible. He told me he wanted me to cause him pain to control him, but I don't know how to do that either. I am open to the idea, and feeling like I have power over him to make him do whatever I say sounds kinda hott , but i have no experience. Any help or tips?


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  • Yeah, my boyfriend likes being dominated too, and he's 6 foot and I'm 5'2, he's strong and I'm weak, so do the math and figure out how hard hat is :P Usually with my boyfriend, I use his hair (his hair is really long, it goes down below his shoulderblades), pulling it lightly to get his attention, or twisting it in my hand if I want to hurt him more. I try to pin him down using my weight on his hips or chest, and my boyfriend has a huuuge thing for his neck, so I bite that too.

    If you want to hold him down, you could maybe put your hand on his throat (you can lightly choke him if you want, but you have to be really careful with it and make sure you stop if he looks like he's struggling or taps your hand or something), without squeezing just so there's a threat there but you're not in danger of hurting him.

    • Interesting, that was pretty detailed advice, lol. But in reality, you're not literally in control are you? He is pretty much just enjoys letting you do all that, yes? Cause my boyfriend is gonna have to let me pretend that i am, no way i can literally have control over him.

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    • Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost four years now, so I've had time to learn what he likes :) I've never hit him in the crotch (I've done it by accident, but never on purpose), but if your boyfriend wants you to, then I guess go ahead. Just don't do it full power, do it much gentler than you usually would because sometimes things like kicking can cause trauma to the testicles and that's reaaaally not good, or maybe just squeeze harder instead, and try and come to a compromise.

    • I just dont wanna make him cry on the floor, i know how easy their nuts can make them cry in pain. But i can just start extremely light and see what he thinks. You seriously gave much more advice than i had been expecting, lol. Thank you!


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  • Sounds fun. Make sure you do something like this:

    • That should be easy enough, my bedroom is almost completely identical to that... So that long flat board with arm and leg restraints in the middle of my room is used like that? Damn... I have been using it way wrong then...

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    • Omg dat picture though 😝😂🔥👀

    • @OP Lol, that works too.

      @mgbeauty21 Haha!

  • Be on top and pin his arms, squeeze his neck