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    It was the perfect arrangement. He ate the flies, and I gave him a place to live. I took care of him like one of my own children. I let him share my bedroom.
    But then I made a startling realization. I saw how much he enjoyed killing them. I saw the twinkle in his beady eyes when he saw them across the room. The obsessive look. Focused. Determined. Murderous.
    I ignored this for several weeks. We were from different worlds. Who was I to judge his level of pleasure in tearing into a live creature? His obvious joy in dismembering it slowly while staring into its frantic eyes while it died? Who was I to question this?
    It was a few days later that I made my second realization. With every kill, every fly consumed, he became larger. He grew. Slowly at first, but then faster, until one day I woke to find him standing next to my bed watching me, the same size as my youngest child. The exact same size. I looked past him, out the doorway to the hall. The house was silent with the faint ticking of the grandfather clock in the living room. Sun slanting through the door casting warm ominous shadows, as he tilted his head and leaned toward me, with that twinkle in his eye...


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  • hmm.. interesting

  • Yeah! You're definitely bored!


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