Should I sue or let God?

It's this employment director at this agency who is messing with me (harassment). I never did anything to her. It's just crazy how she can abuse her power. I am a good person and wouldn't do half. the stuff that people do for evil such as this. person. I been praying about this and I want to sue her and the agency works for. They are trying to screw me over so cold and wrong. For no reason, for the level of abusing their power.


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  • Tell her superior first before you bring a lawsuit against her. You maybe be able to have ot resolved without an attorney.

    • I did tell her supervisor last week and she keep. messing with me. I have tried to handle this situation with respect and truly don't want any problems. But this lady is really on some shit. I feel what was done to me yesterday. Would be a waste of breath to speak to her supervisor.

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    • I have proof and evidence that she is definitely doing things she is not suppose to be doing. Yes text message and voicemails. This woman somehow believes she is above the law. Something is superior wrong here

    • Make sure you keep it all, you will need it

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  • I think you need to sue.

    • Why?

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    • How?

    • If a person is harassing you , they don't expect you to report them.

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  • i would look into sueing them
    god only helps those who help themselves.

  • Sue there ass


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