Hi, how are you?

how's it going? anything going on in your life?


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  • Aw! Thanks for asking! I'm doing okay but I think I'm gonna have to get "surgery" soon. Also love life sucks and I won't get it till I'm 562826828266262627277282765272727 :)

    In other words when I'm dead.

    • hope u get better, luv

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    • Amen! all the best!

    • Hey, thanks for MHO :) I would type up some inspiring words but I don't know anything that woukd fit the situation. Best of luck for now and hopefully we meet again.


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  • I'm alright. kinda tired.
    and slowly getting sick of this site.

    • I think everybody is

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    • Lol i don't think he meant to come off as defensive. He's just giving u a male's appreciation compliment. Nothing serious. :p

    • well u are hella perky. im just speaking the truth. let it all out. give em hell

  • *waves hi, big smile, offers warm side of the blanket* it's going good, it's early in the morning here, so i haven't gotten out of my cozy bed yet. :D

    • sorry, im not very happy anymore. some people just make everything dull. I hope u enjoy ur day

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