He thinks im someone I am not on tinder how to tell him who I am without hurting him?

i made a tinder account for my best friend but she did not want it anymore. i was going to delete the account until i (she) met a nice guy on there and we started talking and really getting to know each other. He my friends appearance but he loves my personality even more because he feels like i understand him and have a nice sense of humor. we have been talking for about a month now non stop and he already claims he loves me. To be honest i did not think that it was going to get this far because he was just another guy on tinder. he is so sweet and nice and we both feel the same way about each other only the person he is really in love with is not the person he thinks. I told him about me as the real me and he has called and talked to the real me almost everyday and he likes me for who i am he even told me that he would love to have a girlfriend like me. the only problem is he is in love with my friend (me) and does not want to make things weird by hitting on her friend. my friend is all that he talks about because he loves the part of her that is really me. i don't know what to do when i try to get him to like me through her he doesn't like me and i can't tell him that i am not my friend because then he is going to be hurt and not want anything to do with me. plus i told my friend to talk to him as her but she wants nothing to do with it. advice?


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  • "He thinks I'm someone, I am not on tinder, "

    This is why you use commas :)


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  • Although this wasn't your intention you are pretty much catfishing him.

    Catfishes take on another persons identity.
    Although he got to know your personality he was led to believe he is speaking with someone else (of a different appearance).

    Come clean to him.
    He may distrust you after that and not believe anything you say.
    Your relationship with him may be severed.

    I think the risk is worth it because if you continue to prolong this... even more feelings will get involved.
    You owe it to him to tell the truth.

    Hopefully he isn't too disappointed and continues things with you.


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  • so like you're under her name and her pics right? or do i not understand


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  • Own up to it sooner rather than later. Explain the situation and that he'd been talking to you the entire time but it was your friends account. Send him a picture of you, and apologize saying that you never thought it would go this far, and that when you first started talking you thought it would be awkward telling him you were using your friends account. If he really likes you for you, he will appreciate the honesty and still talk to you anyway

  • Yikes, what a mess. You are going to have to tell him over the phone about the whole story, he will either be very understanding and be ok with it or totally pissed off and doesn't contact you. Either way accept the consequences as you didn't tell him much earlier, before you guys actually got on the phone, talking etc