Did any of you went through depression? How do you fight it?

I've been feeling like crap for over a year and I have almost no willpower. I find it very difficult to get out of bed everyday and when I do I feel sad and I have crying fits. I'm seeing a shrink and he suggested I take some meds, but I refuse to do so because I did some research and I found they have some nasty side effects. I don't need those side effects (diabites, obesity, parkinsonism) I have too much on my plate already.
How do I fight depression?


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  • To be honest, the meds can help cause they helped me and I got none of those side effects. If anything, prozac did end up making me hallucinate, so they put me on something lighter and I was perfectly fine.

    So anyway, I have mild-severe depression, depending on mood and situation, and I fight it by doing things that force my mind off whatever is bothering me. I read books then. Long books. A good one too. That way, I get so into the book I tend to forget exactly what it is I was sad about. I write stories, poems, little things to get my mind off it or write out my emotions. I watch my favorite movies, Harry Potter series and Hunger Games, in order of course, and that REALLY helps.

    I go to the gym, I work out, I exercise, I jog, I use my feelings to my advantage there. If I'm real sad, I tend to mindlessly jog a lot longer than usual, at one point I jogged for 3.2 miles, when I never go past 1.5 cause I don't do this distant stuff. I'll mindlessly do pullups and squats and when I'm done, I'm too tired to do much but shower, eat, and sleep. I go to the pool, WHICH IS HEAVEN, and just wade around in the water to relax.

    I talk with friends, hang out, play with my granma dog, chill, and do anything but sit at home doing nothing. I try my best to stay somewhat busy. That way, I calm down and come back without it possibly going downhill.

    It doesn't work as fast as it seems, but it helps. Just do what makes you happy and keep up and you'll get out of it eventually, promise.


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  • First figure out why you are depressed/what led to it.

    It took me a while but mine was due to no affections from parents.

    Which then led to low grades on school. Being a straight A student meant a lot to me. So that had a huge negative impact on me.

    I did some research, read some motivational articles, went out of country for a month, took a break from school, decided to hangout with friends more, think positive as in when I close my eyes, no negative or sad scenarios.

    Started to work towards a better lifestyle and yeah.
    It was super hard. Super hard to follow it consistently but no choice.

    Have a goal.


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  • I'm gonna be honest. I... think... I might have been depressed?

    I had every reason to be, I was picked on, beat up, had no friends, and was made fun of for being fat back in high school.

    Truth be told, I was always born with incredible willpower. I used their insults and my anger to fuel my resolve at the gym. But I won't lie and tell you that a part of me felt very trapped and sad.

    I'm not you, nor can I tell whether or not I was more sad than you or if I was actually depressed. Either way, I managed to get through it through sheer determination.

  • still fighting. I think it's just about hoping things get better. I mean, how can they get worse?

  • I was there. I had to realign my perception of reality.

  • im like that for 5 years!


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