Is there a way to kill a person without get caught?

I want to write a "killer must read". book.


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  • I like that kind of books. I will buy it.


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  • Choose your victim.
    Watch your victim and learn their daily routine of by heart. Don't get too close or friendly or you could find yourself a suspect or a witness. This is key to a successful murder.
    Choose a time in their routine when they are alone and secluded. (You might have to create opportunities). Knock them out, this could be with tranquilliser or a good blow to the head. I would use tranquilliser (a lot less messy and efficient, also good if something goes wrong as there is no struggle)
    Once unconscious, take them to a safe location where you can murder them. This is your choice as different murderers have their own preferred weapon. I would go with a sharp knife and slit them across the throat. ALWAYS MAKE SURE NO BLOOD IS SPILLED ON THE FLOOR. Cut him up on plastic wrap. Now you should freeze the body. Freezing him will stop the blood flow for cutting up your victim.
    Once froze cut him up into peices. (Cut at the knees , cut at the top of the thigh , cut at the elbow and cut at the shoulder. Also cut of the head so you are left with a torso) put all these frozen pieces into black bin bags ( use several bags)
    Now.. Disposing of the body. If you have access to a boat this is ideal. Carry out the bags on a boat and drop them into the middle of the ocean. ( be sure to weigh them down with bricks)
    Bottom of the ocean never to be seen again. Now you just have to keep quiet and you will be safe


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  • Yes there is a way, simply dressup so no part of your body is visible, shoot the person with a silenced pistol
    And just run, when back home just hide the pistol and keep a other gun different same brand only old/broken

    Police will exclude you as suspect when they find out your gun isn't working anymore
    Or simply get a gun unregistered

    A even better way would be a sniper, but that would need skill to use it

    Futher it's difficult to kill someone and get away, if you get close and personal then you risk leaving behind dna
    Best way would be a unregistered gun, shoot the person and run

    As long as the victims are random you'll get away with it

    • you are two simple,

      1) the camera may see you.
      2) people may see you.
      3) police may find the gun.

    • you are too simple,

      1) the camera may see you.
      2) people may see you.
      3) police may find the gun.

    • As long as you where a long jacket or so then they wouldn't recognize you without it
      Same for camera's, unless cameras see your face they are quite useless

      If the gun is unregistered and you wear gloves you'll have nothing to fear
      Also if your not related to the person in any way then they wouldn't search you

      For the people part, as long as you walk a bit and take a few back allies no one would be able to track you down
      Also the poeple who actaully see you shooting probably run and hide, but as long as you shoot and gtfo then people dont have the time to film stuff or take pictures
      And in big citys there are too many people that would recognise you outisde the crime scene

  • Yes, use a death note. Light yagami did it numerous times & got away with it scot free

  • Ya but I told you everyone would lnow