Man, why shouldn't I be bitter and angry?

Man, I'm miserable, lonely, got no fuckin friends, hate the world, can't get a date, even other black people won't date me, man, I hate my fuckin life, why shouldn't I be bitter by now? Why shouldn't I want everyone else to be miserable an lonely?


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  • You are young, you still have a lot to learn about yourself, life and people. So take a deep breath and take 1 step at a time.

    - I can sense you already thinking "no, there's nothing i can do, the world has ended and i am going to crawl under a rock and avoid all advice."

    This is the epitome of teenage woes, everyone went through it... you will get through it. I've gone through many phases of having no friends, to having many friends and eventually to few friends again. Everyone goes through these same phases.. "why don't i have a fun group of friends who depend on each other, i am not dating and i am not blah blah" whatever else you "don't" have.

    Well.. what's the advice here?

    - 1 step at a time: Rather than trying to get everything at once, lets start with a group of friends. How can you start building friendships? Google, try.. then fail.. then try again and keep moving forward.


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  • Hating everyone and being mean is going to just isolate you more and make you more lonely. I know being 17 sucks and it seems like it's going to be that way forever but it won't! I didn't date until I was almost 19 plus dating in high school is usually pointless anyway. You just have to try to let go of some of that anger and fight through this phase of your life but it will get better!

    • Did you have friends prior to that?

    • Yes I did but one of them started to physically abuse me (slapped me and split my lip that kind of thing) and when I stopped talking to her all my other friends went with her. My dad also split up with my stepmother at that time and I lost my entire stepfamily, stepsisters, everyone. My house was even empty and lonely all the sudden. I was really lonely and angry at that time. Then I got more involved in drama and ended up finding true friends and they kind of helped me rebuild myself because I had such a hard time trusting people and I was so depressed. I used to eat lunch alone under this tree every day and one day I couldn't even go to the cafeteria so I'd eat outside even in the snow sometimes and if not I'd find some little corner to hide in during lunch or eat behind a bookcase in the library. But by the time I got to grade 12 I was eating in the studio behind the theatre surrounded by friends, things can change!

    • I'm in drama too, have been since grade 10, I'm going to grade 12, none of them give a shit about me. And, how long was it like this for you?

  • You're 17...

    • So what, you're 22, don't talk down to me, you don't know my fuckin life, having no friends, no one to talk to, being all alone every summer

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    • So I have to be miserable for a whole mother fucking year, I'd rather die

    • Whatever dude. If you want friends then talk to people, if you can't make friends at school then go on a website and do it like reddit and make friends in the comments, make a blog to vent, go for walks and see if you meet anyone. You can't be so standoffish if you want to meet people. If you really can't do it this last year of high school then you can start fresh at college. I really recommend dorming. I spent a semester not dorming and it was the same as high school for me (no talking, no fiends) but that first Adag Of dorming I met so many people that I still talk to now. Living with people and being in a community really helps when you have trouble getting to know people.

  • Good luck with that Envy.


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  • Not sure why you would feel bitter and angry. Why don't you concentrate on other things in life?

    • Because I'm human, humans are social animals, and I have no friends to socialize with.

  • Because it's unhealthy, self-defeating and will perpetuate the current situation.

    That's why.

  • Thats a good question, why should you care?