Do you people think it was nice for this little girl to do this?

Ok so when I was in 5th grade, this little girl use to not like me and my friend for some reason. She use to give us like mean stares and say mean stuff to us. The little girl was like maybe 8 years old and we were like 12. Anyways, we use to get back mean with her and say mean stuff to her back, but mostly my friend did though. I'm sorry for my friends that I have on here, I know you might see me as nice but sometimes I'm mean, it just depends :( So, one day her class had to come in our classroom because their teacher had to go somewhere and me and my friend kind of ignored her and was having fun and she was looking at us. Then she had came up to us and said "Look, I'm sorry that I've mean to you guys, it's just that I wanted to be you guys friend so badly" and we forgave her and said "it's ok :)". Then my friend went to go use the bathroom and me and the girl talked. Later on after we talked for a while I said to her "you know, I'm really glad you apologized" and she was like "yeah me too, are we friends now?" And I'm like "of course :D". Then we hugged :3 :) <3 So do you think it was nice for this little girl to do this?

I know it was cruel to be mean to her but she was the one that started being mean to us first for NO reason. Although I don't be mean to people like that anymore :P Also I think we had apologized too, I really don't know if we did or not. But I'm glad it was an happy ending :) :D <3


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  • Yes it was very sweet ! You and your friend are very nice girls too ! Forget the past and move on friendship is a beautiful thing make it last !!


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  • Lol why would you remember something like that it's so random, but no it's just girls being girls you know how they are

    • Lol I don't know, I guess I have good memory and yeah :P

  • We all did thinks in school where not proud of

    • True

    • I used to yous my little brother to sew if something was safe enough for me to do

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  • Shows she is more mature than you two older girls, you were being mean to an eight year old? How nasty. I think it was very sweet and brave of her to approach older girls who had been cruel.