Bad experiences to put of dating or your sexual preference in general?

Im just wondering, sorry for being nosy, if anyones ever had a bad experience that has put them off dating or their sexual preference in general. For example, i had a bad experience with a guy a while back that left me unable to trust men for quite a long time and im still trying to get over this. I just wanted to know if anyone else had a bad experience and if i'll ever fully get over what happened to me.
Sorry for being nosy and thanks


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  • I suppose you should look at it from a different perspective. I mean the worst experience in a dating relationship is never dating at all. I have not had a real girlfriend once in my life. My point is, you are looking at all the wrong guys when the one who will be with you forever is usually right in plain sight. Dating is a dangerous game from what I can tell that has a high chance of leaving you broken as you lay in a seemingly endless well of sorrow. Be strong and be safe (:


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  • My parents were divorced, and my mom's current husband wasn't always the greatest man. Both of my parents let me in on too much of their relationship and my mom and step dad fought a lot. All of the slandering, the chaos, and inappropriate topics brought up to me made dating very difficult for me, because I was afraid that it would never work out.


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  • We all have

  • I don't think you can ever fully get over it but time does make it easier to deal with. Just try to remember not everyone is bad but always try to learn from your mistakes and choices.


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