Hi. I need help understanding this?

im young so i dont know any better. it says that gas prices are like 2.75... But that can't be how much gas is right? I thought it was 60 bucks... Is 2.75 the tax or is gas actually that cheap?


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  • It is per a gallon... so if you have a typical American car is usually between 16-24 gallons. $44-66.

    Gas has come down dramatically over the last few years as well, it is about 3 in my state, it was like 3.80 for a long time...


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  • Haha yea I was confused when I was young too. I dunno where you saw gas being 60 bucks but if my dad saw it too, he'd just sell the car and walk to work. No, 2.75 is already expensive for gas. Sometimes it goes higher, but never more than, say $10.

    • so gas is literally 2.75 bucks or 2.75 per gallon?


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  • thats probably per litre or whatever measurement you guys use in the states (gallons maybe?)

    here in the UK the price shown in petrol stations is the price per litre. its currently anywhere between £1.11 to £1.25 a litre. in my area at least.


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