Twitter help please?

I'm bad with twitter and need help.

Okay so I was trying to tweet someone a question. Becasue they don't allow direct message, I wanted to tweet them in a discreat way. (they have a lot of followers and I prefer if their followers didn't see).

The format was "@-----, how are you?" I tweeted them that and I haven't got a response. I might be overreacting but now I'm wondering if they even saw it or could respond. I'm worried that since they have so many followers it might have been lost almost in their notifications.

Can anyone give me advice?

1) Was the message format okay? (or would " Hey how are you? @----" been better)
2) Are they just frankly ignoring me?
3) What is the liklihood they didn't see it?

any other twitter advice is appreciated...

P. S all my settings are okay.

Anyone can message me, my tweets are not protected, etc


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  • 1) That format was perfectly fine, don't worry about it :)
    2) If they have a lot of followers then their notifications would probably be going 90 every single day so they could've missed it. But if they seen it, then they may not reply as many people don't really reply to someone who @ them.
    3) As I mentioned, if they have many followers then they might've missed it. But don't stress over it, that's kinda how Twitter works.
    I hope this helped clear things up for you :)

    • Is it worth trying again or would that be too much?

    • Well you can try again if you really want to, it's Twitter :) It doesn't really matter in my opinion because it isn't like a social network like Facebook etc. You can do what you want really :)


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  • I use twitter daily so let me tell you something usually people who have got many followers do not respond to random mentions or they did not saw your mention because they have so many notifications so it will be hard to read everyone of them, another reason is they may have ignored you.

    although your message format is not bad, when you want them to notice you, you need to make it something urgent like saying "Hey i have got something important to talk about with you, will you message me please".

  • depends on whether they had time to check the post... and you can't direct message most people unless they follow you back... lastly it depends on how many @s they get per day coz if the person in question gets a lot they could just scroll though the list without clicking o them to remove the notification. i mean i never check mine
    P. S Apologise For The Length Of The Post didn't Wanna Miss Anything

  • possibly just ignoring you. How many followers do they have? and how much do they tweet?

    • They have well over 150K followers... and they tweet/retweet a lot

    • do they have a website or facebook? find out their e-mail. And is it a celebrity by chance? s/he may not have time to answer all comments.

What Girls Said 5

  • The format was perfect. Do not to "hey you okay @" for one simple reason - if you do "@ blah blah blah" the message ONLY goes to their feed (and obviously appears on yours too). If you do "blah blah blah @" the message goes to them and all of their followers. It appears on all feeds.
    The likelyhood is that they either didn't see it or ignored you. You can try again if you want but honestly I don't see much point.

    (Part of my job is running social media campaigns)

  • It depends on how many followers they got, if it's like >100k, chances are he/she might've missed the notification. The format is okay by the way.

  • they probably didn't see it...

  • Lol they saw it 🙈😁

  • I think probably just ignoring you... lot's of followers so just ignoring "some" nd unfortunately u r in the "some" category