How to I make my life better?

My life suck it consists of work, home sleep, work home sleep. I literally have no friends no chance to get a date due to my looks. I'm always sitting at home bored on the internet, I hate playing videogames, I go to the gym 3 times a week and that's it I don't even enjoy it I do it to improve my body to cope with my insecurities and lack of social skills.

I really don't know what to do with my life


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  • Write a book about an angry person who's bored at life. That's what I did, let me complain a lot and gave me something to do.


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  • Don't wear earrings in your lip. You look unapproachable for starters.

    Second if you life has little value - volunteer. You will find great satisfaction from helping others and how much they will value your time.

    • Those are a cultural thing in my country everyone has facial piercings and tattoos...

  • Get a hobby? Personally, I would spend my free time to study something I like or practice something I like. Write a book, get an MBA, draw and publish a manga... I am leaning toward the MBA but it looks kinda costly.

  • We have basically the same life except for the gym, work and video game parts.