Why do a lot of women act like its impossible for a guy to know that he's ugly?

That's like someone in a 1st world country saying its impossible for a kid in a 3rd world country with no food whatsoever to know that they will die of stravation.


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  • I don't think girls think that.

    • Yea they do. Everytime a guy posts on here about not getting a girlfriend due to his looks, every woman wants to tell him confidence and personality will get him just about any woman when that is insanely untrue.

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    • He might not be the best looking guy you ever seen or even close to being that, but he's still attractive enough for you otherwise you wouldn't date him. Are you trying to tell me that you are dating guys you have absolutely ZERO physical attraction to?

    • I never said that. I said that I could objectively see where people might think he's unattractive and don't understand why I'd want to date them or even like them. Even so, it doesn't mean that it takes away from the fact that even though I can see him... uh how do I say this... his beauty for what it is from face value w/out personality, I have the upper-hand because I click well with the guy and our personalities match up and there is this undeniable chemistry between us. Because of that, his attractiveness level, to me, rises. I don't just see him as an "attractive" or "unattractive" face, but I see deeper than that while those who are criticizing his looks don't know him like I do.

      I can't date someone that I'm not attracted to physically, but even if he isn't the most attractive person objectively, subjectively he's attractive to me.

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  • Because many not all women don't want to admit even to themselves that deep down looks matter to them to some extent. It is part of nature so of course they do.

    • How much looks matter to a woman is the same as guys it varies depending on different men and women but to say no it does not matter at all, 0%, is actually lying.

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    • I am not sugar coating it, just telling it the way I see it.

    • That's the way it should be


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  • I don't think it's like that. Women give importance to physical looks but they don't actually admit that.