Anyone with tattoo experience, help?

So it's been almost a week since I got my tattoo. Yesterday it started flaking a lot and since last night there are these more pronounced flakes/small scabs on it.

My issue is, it's a color tattoo with some black ink and shading, but the scabs look darker and more brown/grayish tinged compared the colored parts that they're sitting on on? I heard that they're supposed to be the color of the tattoo... so is this normal?


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  • Yes, their scabs. Similar to scabs that cover a scrape or cut. They go through stages before they fall off.


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  • It's a scab, scab holds blood in it, so yes it might be a different colour. the yellow/red part on my tattoo whilst it was scabbing was orange and tinged a bit, when it flaked off the yellow was bright and the right was as well. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I usually let it dry heal unless its itching really bad.

    • That makes sense. I just got confused where a bunch of sources were saying it would flake in the colours of the tat I guess haha, scabs are a different story. Thanks!
      Also hello fellow Canadian and vegan. :)


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  • Sounds normal. You can always call the shop where you got it with any concerns you may have.