If a guy drives from a different town to apologize, do you think he truly cares?

A guy I used to be involved with asked to see me again, I agreed to meeting up with him to catch up. We were never an official couple but we have a very sexual "friendship". I assumed he'd want to hook up again so I told him I wasn't interested in sleeping with him or anything (we're just friends now). After I told him that, he decided to cancel hanging out with me. Of course I was upset and we got into an argument.

Later in the evening, he drove up to where I lived to apologized and hung out with me. we made out a little but nothing serious happened.


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  • I think he at the very least cares about the friendship. he may always want to go back to being sexual partners, but he may be willing to settle with just being friends.


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  • i think he was sincere about his apology. probably didn't want things to end over something stupid. :)


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  • Would he rather bang you? Of course. But he did care enough to drive a distance and apologize, so that does count for something.

  • You cancelled his plans to try having sex with you , if you gave into him sure he
    wouldn't got all bent out of shape over things ,

  • Nah, he just thinks he can persuade you to have sex with him.

  • If he was really interested in some sexual hookup, and you told him you weren't interested, then his cancelling was probably pretty reasonable...

    Making out with him? Super mixed messages >< And maybe what he was hoping for by apologizing?


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