I'm moving to live with my mom because she has been diagnosed with cancer. Should I sell all of my stuff?

So I have been trying to deicde this for myself for a couple months now and I keep going back and forth about it. But I have finally decided that even though I don't have any desire to live in Alabama I need to do it for my mom. The thing now is, do I bring all my stuff. I have had my own apartment so I have a lot of stuff. But there will be no room there in her house for all of it so I would have to put most of it in storage. Another thing to add in is, that I have been losing weight to join the army and I am probably 6 months away from it. I'm guessing that most military people don't need a lot of stuff so should I sell my stuff for that reason too? Any advice would be great.


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  • What you think you won't need i would sell but the stuff you think you made need in the future i would keep just in case there comes a time that you want get your own place again one thing you don't want start back from scratch again ,

    • Many times people sell or give things away than later
      they realize while i should of held on to that stuff

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  • I think you should sell it and keep the money so when you are ready you can buy more.


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  • Depends on how much you need money right now


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