When do kids start to remember faces and have attachment to people?

My neice is 1 year and 3 months old. She is adorable and I never thought I would like a little kid as much as i do her. I awlays play with her and my sister trusts me enough to babysit her for about an hour at a time. Obviously I'm not changing diapers cause that's my bro in law and sisters job and I dknt want to do that but I kinda hope that what I'm doing is building a bond between us.


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  • almost instantly. In fact, the major problem there is that they're pretty much blind when they're born. seriously, look it up, it's ridicolous. You have to be like 30cm away from their face before they're able to see your eyes, even as a blur. www.aoa.org/.../infant-vision-birth-to-24-months-of-age

    So yes, you are probably allready building a bond with her.

    • She's just so innocent I just want her to really feel like I love her cause she is the reason I want my own kids someday.

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    • Well not nkw I'm still trying to graduate college and get a job. Plus I haven't met the right person so its nkt my choice when I do meet her.

    • true that.
      Just focus on getting a stable life for yourself, but don't push her away if she happens by. okay? :)

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  • hopefully this helps. google development milestones if you want to read up on it.


  • since they become one month old the will fully see and memorize regular people within her life i would say.

  • Definitely old enough, by several months.