How can I stop being scared?

Well school is almost starting and I am really scared for high school. I'm scared of embarrassing myself. And they say that you make new friends in high school, but I know many people wouldn't want to be friends with me because I'm weird and I don't know how to talk to people so like I'm a shy person. And also I got off this relationship with this guy and he is like a popular in school because he plays football and like girls are all over him and he just choose me over the girls who are much prettier than me. That when I found out it was all a game and I'm scared when I got back to school he and his friend who start bullying/teasing me about this. Tbh, it's so hard at being a teen because there are thing that you have to go through the that is really hard/hurtful in life.


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  • The first step is to like yourself, if you don't like you then no one else will either. Once you except who you are and are proud of it then things will begin to change. It may be slow at first but the fact is when someone is genuinely themselves, people notice it, eventually they start liking you for it, they can trust you because you have shown who you truly are something most people, especially highschoolers, do not and cannot do. Be genuine and genuinely care for others and you will eventually find people who like you for you. this may help. Remeber, being genuine is key, and so is loving/respecting yourself.


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  • I feel for you.. Just know that this is a small step in the grand scheme of things. Keep focused, maintain your friends and good grades.. Piece of cake 😊


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  • aw Bub. it's all g.
    I was really freaking out when I went into highschool too.

    in primary I was always bullied and only ever had 2 friends. I was pretty scared when I went into high school because I didn't know ANYONE except my sister.

    but it turned out fine and now u have heaps of friends and am safe.

    trust me after a few weeks it feels like nothing.

  • Can u tell me whats normal there is no normal u rer who u are u will find urs and come in to ur own


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