Can sad stories cause depression?

I've been reading a sad story warrior is best friends and possible love interest of a woman but shows her no effection for he is just a warrior and only knows war. She falls for the bad guy and betrayed him and now the warrior againts all odds must fight her and the bad guy, she knows he will possibly die hating her or live hating her regardless she knows he will die in a way (from feeling betrayed, sadness, bitterness or her/his death). I work at a remote oil rig and I don't have a relationship right now and I'm away from civilizations for 3 weeks out of the month and the story just bummed me out. I felt really stupid because it's just a story but all the work, lack of companionship in my life and isolation I guess got to me. I've been busy the last week and haven't had time to weightlift which kept my spirits up. Right now I'm just trying to stop reading it but just thinking about it bums me out. I'm sure the story will end up with him dying at her hands or saving her life before forgiving her. But can a story under certain cercumstances just give people an aura of sadness for days? I really feel dumb for letting it get to me.


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  • It can... but not a deep real one.

    • I've been following the books for a while and guess it just was a wtf no! Kind of moment like the author said f your happy ending. But I just realize after I posted this the more I talk about it the less that sad feeling disappeared

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    • Lol the more I talk about it the less it bothers me. I felt really stupid letting it get to me

    • Don't. It happens all the time.

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  • They can't cause i, but if you have an underlying depressive conition they can exacerbate it.


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  • It can't, unless you experienced a similar part of the story in your real life and it kind of brings you back to old memories then yes, but, I don't see how you can get depressed from reading a story alone. Getting extremely sad, yeah.


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  • Nah, its not dumb for letting it get to you.
    it must be a really well written book tho for it to have that effect on you.
    tbh I don't think that its just the book that's getting you down buddy.