Is Canada a good country to live?

I am going to live there what are the things should I know there is it expensive country?


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  • Sure, if you don't want to ever have to work and want everything handed to you.

    • Look. Bro I live in a third world country and I am fed up really will they accept me? Yes I am Arab muslim buy I am peaceful I don't discuss relgion I just want to live a quite coo life there


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  • Canada is awesome. Yes, it's a bit expensive tho, depending where you live and yoir income.

    • Well i am a mechanical engineer so I am going to look for a job there , and one more things are people rascit there I am muslim Arabian but I don't discuss relgion or anything I am peaceful and cool would I also get judgments

    • There are racist idiots here like there are anywhere, but in general I think you will find a much more welcoming atmosphere here than you would in the US or much of Europe.

      You'll want to look into whether your credentials are valid to work as an engineer here. One major issue with our immigration system is that a kot of well educated and skilled people move here only to find they can't practice their career without further upgrading or completely redoing their education.

    • Thanks for helping 😊

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  • Is it a good country to live in?

    Yes. One of the best.

    Is it expensive? Depends on where you live. Toronto and Vancouver are very expensive places to live. Elsewhere, and in rural areas, not so much.

  • I never really saw what the big deal about Canada was. It's a country just like any other, nothing special about.

  • very good living standards. peaceful. good infrastructure... doesn't have its own cultrure, but no place is perfect.

  • Not if you're white.