How to make my voice professional?

hello!! im 21 and my voice isn't still like an adult yet. But i'll get into a work, so i need to work for better voice, how can i make my voice a bit of sexy to talk to costumers?

im just wondering why people do not answer my questions LOL it's like this every time.


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  • Well maybe u just have to accept ur voice as it is.. or scream at night in the morning ur voice will be more thick hh when i go to parties it often happens to me.. otherwise I don't know how i can help u ><


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  • The anonymity might be off-putting to a lot of people. Be a named asker and you might get more of a response.

    Try recording yourself on the computer and listening back to what you sound like. Our voices are a product of culture and choice more than anything else. (Believe it.) You can choose what to sound like. "Modulate" your voice until it has the qualities you want. Good luck. :)

    • Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!! i'll ask the same question without being anonym

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