If you could create a sitcom what would it be about?

Mine would be about a Elementary School teacher who deals with a classroom of children and fights social norms and incompetent staff to make a better classroom and fun experiences for the children.


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  • "The secret lives of gagers"

    • sounds like aMTV show lol

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    • Thanks for mh! You put me into the 10% bracket! 💚

    • you're welcome :) glad I could be of help

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  • You should write a spec script for that idea and try to get an agent. :)

    That may actually be why no one is writing their ideas. Anyone with a good idea is saving it for a project down the line, maybe not a sitcom but something else.

    • I would like to and see it get put on CBS. But in the 80's NBC would have worked, but there were so many childish sitcoms then (Different strokes, Punky Brewster, Alf, Small Wonder, Silver Spoons) that it would have died quickly. By 1987 noone wanted cute kid friendly sitcoms anymore. Now they do

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    • Let me know when you're filming the pilot. :)

    • It won't be for a long time


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  • Mine certainly would not be anything like the Cosby show, I'll tell you that much.