If somebody is really buff or shredded do you think it is over compensation?

I love working out and showing off my body. Been lifting dour years now with clean diet and think I deserve to off my hard work. Some dude whispered to his girlfriend ah his dick must be pretty small. I've hear comments like that a lot. That and steroids. I guess the comments make me a bit insecure at times.


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  • I wouldn't worry too much. There is always going to be someone talking smack. Just pay no attention, their is a reason he goes to workout with his girlfriend. So personally I don't think it's overcompensating


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  • Wow. I can see comments like that for someone who's driving really loudly and fast... but working out? It's people putting you down because 1) a lot of guys only do it to try and get sex 2) a lot of guys DO do steroids and 3) it's a way of putting you down and feeling superior to you. So... yeah, kind of mean.

    • Well I mean when I started I did it to get laid I think every guy does.. it's become something way more than that after four years of training. I've never taken a steroid but I think once I hit 30 and my test starts going down I'll get on the juice under a doctors care.

    • 4) most people don't think about beyond 1) ;)

      If you keep a good schedule up, you might not need to get on anything. I'm well over 30 but I'll still put on muscle mass when I exercise regularly. Your standards may be higher than mine, of course ;)

    • Yeah if I don't need to then I won't but I definitely want to be able to train for the rest of my life and if my body holds me back I definitely will get on it. Never.. never will I become those sloppy fat 40 year old men.


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  • Good for you, nothing wrong with hard work and being proud of it..
    If he is whispering that to his girlfriend, he was probably jealous how she looked at you and was trying to asert some dominance over you indirectly..
    Of note, the juice coment, your dick gets bigger/harder from the extra test in your body, and your balls only shrink for a while because they don't need to make anymore test for the moment...

  • I like working out too. I'm lean as opposed to big and shredded, but people who say that are just jealous. My dick is big. I think steroids does make your genitals small, but just because you're jacked doesn't mean you have a small dick. Again that's just the green eyed monster. You must be doing something right. Let it be motivation. You got haters. That's great.