Have you ever felt down because you are who you are?

I am a 16 girl. When I was 12/13, I used to have many crisis because of insecurity and anxiety. I would find myself ugly and be always concerned about myself. Nowadays I'm over a lot of insecurities, but there are days (like today) when I feel like I hate who I am. Not even physically (a lot of people say I'm good looking and guys flirt with me), but my personality. I'm freeeaking shy! I don't think I stand out on my crew because I'm usually the one who barely says something useful. And then I see my friends flirting back, creating a lot of new relationships... and I'm never doing it. Even the guy I was 'seeing', I bet he'd prefer some friend of mine if he could, since I'm never talking to him or doing something remarkable. How do I fix or accept that? I just want to be noticed more.


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  • Just embrace who you are. There isn't a step by step guide to that but your first goal should be to change your mindset. You're so freaking hard on yourself for no actual real valid reason (even if it may seem like one to you) and how do you expect to be the better person or the person you want to be and the person you want others to see you as if you don't believe you can be that said person yourself?

    Believe in yourself and contrary to most I personally believe that if you don't like something about yourself you shouldn't accept it but rather work to better it, not for anyone else but yourself.


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  • "Never settle for who you are."
    ~Michael Scott

  • You sound exactly the same as me ❤️


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