Summer about to end! regrets?

So summer about to end any last regrets? 0-0 remember its not to late we have about half a month left :3


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  • I regret not going hiking more. I had all these visions of getting tan and enjoying the great outdoors, but I've only gone hiking three times this summer! I'm tan now but I still didn't hike as much as I would have liked. Fortunately I'm going on a hike/picnic tomorrow so that should be fun.

    • See you are taking action to stop the regrets :3 gl send me a sandwich pls

    • Oh I will! It'll be the best damn sandwich you've ever eaten, mark my words 8|

    • Ok, will be waiting :3

  • I have like five days left lol. I have a lot of regrets. My family didn't go to the beach once and although I hate the beach for some reason I feel like my summer is missing something without it. Also I only saw my friends a few times (but then again we talked like very day). Umm... even though I have a swimming pool I only went swimming a total of four or five time this summer. Yeah... there's a lot of other things but I can't think of them off the top of my head,

  • So many regrets...


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