I'm too stingy with money?

I'm currently a non-working student and I get money from the government for being full time ($200 a fortnight). I've been saving up all year for a trip to Europe in November with my boyfriend, and definitely have enough money for this holiday.

I feel really bad when I spend money on myself, whether it's buying some food or clothes, I always feel the need to justify every purchase and it's a whole process for me resulting in guilt at the end. I have no problem paying for dates or buying things for other people, it's just when I'm the only person benefiting that I feel really bad.

This has become an increasing problem and my friends/ family have been mentioning it to me more frequently. I don't know what to do - it's good to save but how much is too much when it begins to take such a mental toll on me, and how can I change?


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  • It is very good to save your money and be stingy to a point, but you do need to treat yourself at times.


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  • i dont think you are.