Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?

I've actually seen a UFO, it was a large black flying saucer with a bright orange light it was at cruising speed then it changed altitude, my mom saw it too she was like WTF? It was too far away by the time I ran to get the camera. So I'm telling you they exist weather you believe it or not. And the galaxy is so unexplored their home planet could be anywhere. Alien abductions, there are actual marks on the abductees bodies which just prove it. Area 51. Theirs lots of proof.

And here is a video of some of most enhanced UFO images and are verified by experts as real and unaltered, in fact the image in the video thumbnail is similar to the UFO I saw.

Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?



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  • I do. Some are observing us and some are doing something on our planet. helping us or either by tricking us into think they are benevolent. Some of these ufos have bases in the underground of the oceans and mountains.

    • I learned a few days ago that when the Fukashima reactor was melting down it was going to explode but a UFO came and cast some kind of beam on it and the reactor went dead, if it had exploded it would have eradiated a lot of the planet, so I believe too that they are saving us from ourselves, they just observe and wait and keep us from blowing ourselves up.

    • Those are the good guys helpping earth brothers... bless Japan

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  • Yes I do, the universe is too big for us to be alone.
    I've seen a UFO as well. I couldn't take a good picture of it with my phone since it was too far away but the way it moved was unlike any aircraft I've ever seen.


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  • I believe in them, sure ^^
    Why would we be alone... It's too large out there

  • This is going to sound crazy but I saw a flying saucer last November it was rocking back and forth and it just 'zipped' away. It was an oval shape too big to be a star and too small to be a plane. I knew I wasn't tripping so I went on YouTube, typed in 'UFO' with the date and city and news cameras actually caught it. It was one of those filler scenes with random shots of the city in the background, and I saw 3 more of the exact same thing. It was eerie and exciting.


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  • Believe in them? No.

    But, I wouldn't deny the possibility
    as the universe is.. a little more than just huge.

    I can't explain it too well, one of the reasons we
    more thanlikely won't come across them..

    .. is because of distance.

    Like the stars you see up there, they're simply
    the remaining light they once radiated towards earth
    in reality, the star ceased existing a while ago.

    "If" we should pick up some sort of "alien noise/message"
    they'd, like the stars, actually be long gone from that location.

  • I believe in life outside of earth. I can't imagine being alone in the universe.