Girls, what do you think about slaving like a dog in a job?

Do you think there is any "honor" in slaving like a dog in a job? Guys that work really hard doing manual labor for 40-50 hours per week?

As opposed to those who work shorter hours, maybe run businesses, sit in an office in the air-conditioner and have time to travel to the Caribbean a few times per year?


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  • Without the hard, manual labor jobs like construction, factory work, sanitation, etc today's society wouldn't work properly. It's the same with the easier, shorter jobs. Society needs both to function properly and they each need the other to function.

    • true, but there is a difference in intelligence level between those that can never do anything more than dig ditches, and those that can start companies...

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    • A high paying job wouldn't hire someone on self education. They require degrees from accredited colleges or the experience to make up for it. If the person doesn't have these things, the application is thrown away in favor of someone who did get the college education or has a long list of well off jobs.

    • entrepreneurship requires no degree... and there is such a thing as scholarships...

      but yes, I can see how the environment a person was raised in and what they were taught growing up could prepare a person, or fail to prepare a person, for success...


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  • Honor is a man made concept. There is no point in working like a dog and getting paid like shit. "Knowing you're doing your best" will get you fuck all.

    • I didn't understand the last two words, but I think we are agreeing... very true... there is no "honor" in digging the best ditch possible... none at all... cause you're digging it for a guy who would never do such a thing, then he's telling you how important it is... it's being on the low end of the totem pole...

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    • I remembered it now, it's about seeing your taint... why can't you see your taint if I can see mine? this is weird...

  • I respect that.


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