Why do girls not like nerd guys?

this guy in my class is totally nerd and girls seems to not like him at all... i thought girls love smart guys... but its seems not.. im confused


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  • Nerd guys I totally like. But that's just one element; I definitely wouldn't be unattracted to a guy because he was nerdy, but I also wouldn't be attracted to him just because of that either. Like any other trait; I like guys with long-ish hair but I don't find every guy with nice hair attractive, y'know? Also it depends what kind of nerdy, like whether it's about something we have a common interest in makes a big difference


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  • They don't... they want a guy with balls/confidence *looks probably depends from girl to girl* and doesn't have a nut sized brain

    • but isn't smart importaant in relationship?

    • As long as he's not a dumbass then he's good to go


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  • Nerds aren't always smart- Knowledgeable: yes, smart: not guaranteed. Plus, the social awkwardness isn't nearly as cute as media portrays it.

    • so let me Guess you wouldn't ever date a nerd guy?

    • I actually married a half nerd. He can deal with social situations well, he just doesn't go out to gatherings unless I ask him. So I guess he's more asocial than anything.

  • honestly, i think it is really attractive when guys are smart (and im not a nerd myself but i am smart) but not when they are stick thin and pale if you understand what im saying


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