Which stereotypes about your country are true and which ones are false?


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  • Of Americans I would say it's true we are materialistic and status driven. It's true we are friendly, genial and extravagant. It's true we are more ignorant of what is happening in the rest of the world.

    It's false there is more violence (there is more in certain places but it's a big country) or racism generally than in other countries.


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  • Let's see
    Some big stereotypes are
    - we're very cheap. Which is true. We really are cheap bastards.
    - we're very cold people. That's not entirely true. Depends where you are and what you're doing.
    - we're rough mouthed. Which is true. We are indeed very rough mouthed
    - the girls are easy. Not true. I don't think Dutch girls are easier. We just don't have the religious barrier but that doesn't mean we're easy.
    - we complain a lot and especially about small things like the weather. True actually.
    - everyone's on drugs and has tried at least drugs once. Not entirely true. I've heard that Americans use more drugs than us. I mean, I know quite some people who smoke weed but I don't think it's used that much. Just because weed is legal doesn't mean we all do it.
    - everyone rides a bike. Very true. We have big bike traffic jams in the morning and pretty much everyone can ride a bike.

    • they say that drugs is legal everywhere in netherlands but its only in amsterdam lol

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    • so people have it wrong then. they should say drugs is legal in netherlands instead of amsterdam

    • @chriss also not every drug is legal. Only a few soft drugs like weed.
      People think that because the most coffeeshops are in Amsterdam and you never really hear about coffeeshops elsewhere.


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  • True:
    - We're friendly
    - We like soccer and we're good players
    - Our girls are beautiful

    - Not everyone here knows how to dance Samba
    - You won't find anacondas on the streets, well, not here in the southeast xD
    - WE DON'T SPEAK Spanish (It's a common mistake)

  • The only stereotype about Latvia that I know of is that we're all blond. Which of course is not true but we do have many blondes here.

  • Tell me, which stereotypes about my country do you know? I'll tell you which are true and which are false.

    • Erm they have a lot of stoners.
      Tall with blond hair and blue eyes.
      Not sure what else.

    • Lots of stoners depends on where you're at. I live in the South and there aren't many of em here. Many people here are tall yeah, though I myself am not. Blond hair, meh, I guess, compared to other countries.

  • reserved and tea drinkers.

  • True:
    We're fat and lazy
    We're increasingly uneducated
    We have a very powerful military
    We incarcerate more citizens per capita than others.

    We have more freedom than others
    We have a stronger economy than others
    We're the greatest country in the world


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  • In the USA you do see A LOT of over weight people. :(

  • There are so many stereotypes about my country that I don't even know where to begin with...