Are there men that r meant to be alone :( ?

I got a problem it's not I can't talk to girls or anything like that but the problem is I can't find girls whenever I go somewhere I don't see a lot of girls there and when my friends go girls are a lot and they talk to then I am confident with my looks and personality but the problem is I feel I am meant to be like this really I only talked to girls 20 times in my life and of course I am still a virqin and never kissed and blah blah blah I tried everything but still :(

Can I get more opinions please sometimes I cry at night coz of the lonely :(


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  • I don't believe in "meant to be", however I believe in choices. And some people with their choices end up being alone.


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  • Not in my country. Girls outnumber guys. We're in short supply which is good for us.

    But yes there are some men out there that will never be in any kind of relationship simply because worldwide there are more men than women. If you keep trying it will probably happen some day.

    • But I am doin everything I can't find women to talk to :(

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    • You're no the only one. A lot of people are. They act happy in public then when they get home they sulk and just sit down feeling awful.

    • Okay thanks 😃

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