Are these good places to meet guys?

good places to meet guys at uni? i just started uni and i have made 3 guys friends until now, but im not attracted to two of them and the third one has a girlfriend.

I was planning to sign up for some groups/clubs to meet more people. So im going to start weight lifting, or powerlifting of they have a club for it, I was also planning to try salsa dancing and and i was considering joining a volunteer group too.

So does these thing sound like good places to meet new people and/or guys? Anyone that might have other ieas for groups to join?


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  • Just don't sit in your dorm all day. Go outside and study on a bench or something. I approached girls studying when I was in college. Smile look approachable:)


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  • You can meet people everywhere. You just have to be open to it


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  • Sure those are good places to meet guys.