Why does she do this?

My mom knows in trying to lose weight, but the weird thing she keeps doing is mentioning how skinny she was younger. She even tells me about other people who are real skinny. Why does she do this. I've lost quite a but if weight to where now I can see some of my bones. Why do you think my mom does this? It doesn't bother me but I know she was skinny why does she have to say it over and over?


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  • She's jelouse and remembering younger days and memories


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  • Maybe in her way, she is trying to motivate you, or keep you on track.

    Or she could just be acting like an asshole... all of our moms have had that opportunity.

    Bottom line, if you keep focused, and get to your goal, and what she says isn't bothering you, than keep doing you, girly! Don't worry about it!


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  • Honestly who cares.. b like good for u mom.. as long as u feel confident enough to wear a what u want u should b ok.. n she just wants to modivate u


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