Who here has ever had to start over (mentally, emotionally or otherwise)?

Starting over is not easy. what was the circumstance? And how did you motivate yourself?


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  • Tried to start everytime over and over again. Even thought about suicide many times. I was like disgusted with life. Then 1 of my university teacher tried his best to guide me. And i got motivated. Better start acting to make myself happy and talking less about how life has been harsh to me.


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  • I was diagnosed with leukemia, doctors didn't expect I could live.

    • Oh. I had no idea. Mayb thats why u sound like this very active independent person.

      May i ask how is ur condition now?

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    • Nice to hear that.

      Maybe not as much as u want. But I think u are in the right path for that.

      I don't know u just sound like a very dynamic and passionate about things kind of person.

      Maybe im wrong. But thats how i see u :D

    • Passionate about things I love - couldn't deny that 🙈🙉🙊

      Thank you 😊


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  • I've had to start over with many things in my lifetime, it can really be hard not having
    no car in the family my parents separated and divorce i never drove so no ride
    i know that for fact I remember a time i had to walk this huge hill to come home from
    the store cause we had no food / groceries in the house and it was snowing really bad
    i had no option but to take a grocery cart full of groceries up the hill , I recalled seeing
    my neighbor laughing at me but see Karma is bitch so his day will come it never fails to
    work for me. My dad was never there for me and my mom needed groceries i walked
    the hill many times even in rain with soaked full of water , Than my life changed when
    my grandparents took sick , had to help take care of my grandma and grand-dad
    he had cancer and she had Alzheimer's and i had to live half the time at their house
    than come home and my mom had to go over to help. Than i had to start over when
    my mom passed away 11/10/03 , my income went down than my cousin moved in
    with me and my life has been up and down so much mental stress , If God sent a
    woman to my door who would ask me to share expenses with her but i had to fly
    and live in Saudi Arabia and live there for life , dam it i would do it and say fck this
    life in the US and also would never mind changing to Muslim religion from Protestant
    i don't know women from foreign countries are such wonderful women they ate set
    and they are very stable for most compared to women of the US no offense.

  • When my dad died, i had to move in with my mom, and she had to get a bigger place because of that, so i had to change schools and didn't have my dad

    • That can be tough for a young boy.
      Good that at least u had ur mom by ur side.
      I bet u have grown very close?

    • Yeah I love her! So so much...
      And my sister too! She was my 2nd momma

  • At 30, because of a long illness) I lost my function in the company, (but not my job contract), was 'demoted' in a big reorganization. I had to start all over in the same company and work my way up again, while I had a post operative depression. It was hard and took longer (I was "that guy who has been ill") but I succeeded. My newborn son was a good motivation. I got lots of understanding and help from my wife. Solidarity among co-workers is a legend.


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  • I guess I (and my family) kind of had to start over a lot. My dad was military, so we were constantly moving every 2-4 years, sometimes to different countries. I'm a shy introvert, and was always the new girl in school. It was difficult at first to make friends, then I made some great ones. It was difficult to move away from that and start all over again.

    After a while, I kind of started looking forward to moving somewhere new. I got to see and experience amazing things not a lot of people ever get to do.

  • Accepting that there's things that have compromised my purity & success, those compromises in turn compromising my happiness. It still goes on.

  • I haven't actually but i think its time for me to start over emotionally with what happened with my boyfriend.. I don't know

  • Doing it as we speak. I deserve better than I've been getting ot allowing myself

  • Yes I was 15 & had a horrific motorcycle accident. I wasn't expected to live.

  • Our house burnt down. Had to start over pretty much, but we got through it all

  • My dad is a alcoholic and abusive towards me so I got rid of any ties I had with him, and started again it wasn't easy. My motavation? To prove to myself that I don't need him and that I'm going to be so much happy without him its been 6 years since I have last seen him and I am so much better without him :)